Boost Local Launches New Adwords Bid Optimizer

Boost Local is proud to announce its new Google Adwords bid optimization tool is in beta launch. Currently the tool is being used by our staff of adwords campaign manager internally to help our clients get the most conversions for the lowest possible cost.

The new tool is call Boost Words , and in the future a self serve option will be available to other agencies as well as individuals who manage their own Google Adwords campaigns. We have worked hard to also build in an amazingly easy to understand reporting tool that will allow you to easily and quickly generate nice looking reports of high level data to show clients or gain a quick snap shot of your campaign progress. White label options will come soon as well for the reporting tool.

The level of automation comes from our proprietary algorithm that we have been using internally for years to help our adwords campaign managers  save time while helping campaigns reach their full potentials. Boost Local is excited to soon offer this software as a service.

Boost Words is best used with Adwords campaigns (search and shopping) that have monthly budgets above $3,000 and of course have been tracking conversions for at least 3 previous months. Our algorithim takes dozens of factors into consideration such as highest converting keywords, conversions by location, time of day and more.

Please direct any inquiries to [email protected]

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