Content As The Base Of Your Local Search Campaign

Good Content Makes Online Marketing Work Better

Having a strong foundation online is important to your overall online marketing strategy, just like you wouldn’t build a skyscraper without a strong base first. Wether your plans are to use SEO or Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising, it all comes back to how strong your website is. Strength (Authority) is determined by many factors and over the past decade a lot of these factors have changed, but something that has not nor ever will change is having good & unique content that offers the user value.

Lower Your Cost Per Acquisition


Good content helps your marketing in many way, for example if you are running Google Adwords. Adwords requires you to have a certain site structure based on the ad groups of your search campaign, and by having a unique page for each of your core services or offerings, the Adwords platform will reward you with higher quality scores and ad ranks, which translate to better ad position, lower cost per click and ultimately better cost per acquisition, which is what its all about.

Content Is The Most Important Part Of SEO

From a organic ranking standpoint, Google will reward you for offering your users something that other similar websites don’t. Perhaps that is a unique product, or service, or at the very least shared insight that your competitors are not offering online. Also by separating your site’s pages into unique pages about each service or product will allow each one of those pages to naturally contain the keywords that they should rank organically for. Trying to stuff your pages with keywords in an unnatural fashion might work for a little while, but in the end you will wish you followed Google’s best practices.

So what can businesses take away from this?

First and foremost, when you are building your companies website, don’t simply look for the most cost effective solution to creating the site. Put some real time and effort into making your website (your foundation) strong. Work with a professional copywriter, work with a web design team who also does internet marketing IN HOUSE. If your plan for your website is to go our and spend thousands on pay per click & SEO over the coming years, why would you not first put every ounce of your attention and energy into a website that is built properly! Cheap website solutions like godaddy or square space can surely get you online fast, and sure you can feel great that you built your own website, but are you a professional website designer? Have you built websites before that generated revenue? Are you a professional writer, and if you are more importantly as a business owner do you even have time to sit down and write 300 to 500 words for every page of your website? Make the smart choice, work with a company who does it for a living.

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