Content Is King For SEO

Content Makes SEO Better

Local businesses seeking Search Engine Optimization and other Internet Marketing Services such as Social Media Marketing need to consider the pros and cons of the content they choose to post on they web properties.   As business owners of most small businesses don’t always have the time or expertise to sit down for 4 to 6 hours a week and create good, unique, content that not only is built to rank well, but also walks that fine line of conversion vs. keyword density.  While rankings and traffic are always important, we believe that in the near future, Google will reward those who offer something in their content not offered in other similar search results.  While this may be a difficult thing to do, the time and energy spent trying to achieve this goal will lead to natural SEO links because of the quality of the content.

Google was built to be a content-based search algorithm that delivers the most relevant search results after evaluating the content of your website compared to the content of other similar sites.  And while things like meta data and backlinks do matter, the long term goal of Google is to live up to their initial mission statement and as time goes by they will work harder and harder to stay true to this commitment to its users.

Be an expert in your field, offer unique content that inspires.  Content creation is a skill that will surely help your small business prosper in the long term.  Time spent on quality content will equal return on investment for sure, and any good SEO company will advise you just that if they don’t…run for the hills.

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