Shopify SEO Programs

We own and operate Shopify websites that produce more than $100,000 monthly in sales (per site). We are well versed at enterprise as well as entry level ecommerce SEO campaigns and more. We manage more than $2,000,000 in Google ad budgets for ecommerce sites each month, ranging from startups to huge operations. Not to mention sites we own and spend our own money on

This means we will never advise you to do something we are not already doing with out own money!

We build Shopify & Big Commerce Websites

We use the experience gained from spending our own money on advertising our own ecommerce sites on google adwords or by doing SEO to build our clients websites that convert sales and grow.

  • Rank for targeted income generating keywords
  • Make more money from "free" organic clicks & paid search ads
  • Perfect structure
  • Conversion optimization after launch
  • Based on lessons we learned on our own dime!

E-Commerce Statistics

More than 80% of people online use the internet to buy products, and over 50% have shopped more than once. 73% of internet users chooseretail and e-commerce solutions over brick and mortar stores because it saves time. Other top reasons include more variety (67%), easy price comparisons (59%), and lower prices (55%).

Imagine the market you can reach with e-commerce and compare that with using traditional advertising and marketing methods. There were an estimated 178 million online consumers in the U.S. This number is expected to rise by 5-6 million in the next four years. By using traditional strategies alone, you won’t be able to reach that many customers.

  • Each year, e-commerce sales rise by over 19% worldwide, and online stores made around 680.6 billion dollars in 2011.
  • The United States contributed over 28% of this revenue, with its e-commerce sites making a total of 197 billion dollars.
  • Sales will rise at an estimated 279 million dollars in the US alone by 2015.

Ensure your business becomes part of this booming industry. Contact us and let our retail and e-commerce solutions put you on the map as a leading online business.