Video SEO

Video SEO is rapidly becoming the most popular delivery method for online content. The importance of Video SEO is only going to increase, as businesses race to maintain a competitive edge in web based commerce. Unlike standard text based SEO optimization, Video SEO requires more resources than most small businesses can manage alone. Boost Local can provide the means, experience and understanding of Video SEO to push your brand even further ahead than standard SEO.

Video SEO In The Modern Marketplace

Video viewing represents 70% of all web usage and 50% of mobile device usage; this makes video SEO an extremely powerful tool for sharing your content and growing brand awareness. In many cases video SEO content rapidly outpaces search engine functionality. In many cases, the sharing of embedded video can generate 50% to 70% the hits on a commercial website. With search engine links dropping as low as 5% to 7% by comparison, it becomes pretty obvious how important video SEO can be towards generating new and repeat links.

  • Maximum functionality
  • Brand awareness
  • Wide potential audience

Beyond drawing hits, Video SEO brings something back to the market standard SEO can’t offer; the targeted advertising that television and other video commercials have presented for years. Rather than text based links, Video SEO displays logos, tag lines and other relevant video content before the link is followed. Compare the video links that search engines like Google generate compared to standard text based results. One or two videos are immediately visual, promoting immediate brand awareness.

Grow Your Brand With Video Based Marketing

Quality Video SEO serves two functions. First, it rises rapidly for maximum search page indexing. Good content is more likely to be featured by Google and Bing, as well as the all-important YouTube. As high indexing means free immediate advertising to a target audience and wide potential audience, the benefits of this function are obvious.

The second function is equally important. Quality Video SEO provides immediate sales potential. Just like video based ads have shown on the T.V. platform for decades, a well-made video advertisement can provide an immediate and tangible market response. Unlike traditional television advertisement, online video based media can offer intense returns on investment due to the fees being significantly lower than television.

We Make Video Based SEO Achievable

For many smaller businesses, do-it-yourself SEO or finding a qualified writer or web development firm isn’t too difficult. Video based SEO, on the other hand, offers a much wider range of complications and requirements. Writers, editors, animators or live talent are just the tip of the iceberg, making the prospect of creating video based content impossible without finding help.

  • Effective video content
  • Intense returns on investment
  • Take your business to the next level

Boost Local can aid businesses develop, produce and integrate Video based SEO materials into a new or existing campaign. We have talented copywriters on hand, available to provide the scripts that jump start effective video content and the means to make that content a reality. Get in touch with us today to see how our video based SEO options, along with our standard SEO and web development and design options, to launch your business to the next level.