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Los Angeles: Boost Local, a successful Las Vegas based internet marketing company that specializes in Shopify has recently launched a new office in Westlake near Los Angeles. Blake Cooley and Flynn Cooley, Co-Founders of Boost Local, are incredibly excited about the launch of their new office location and the potential that comes with it.

Boost Local; an innovative digital marketing company offers effective SEO solutions to small and medium-sized companies, including Shopify optimization. The company offers a range of quality website design options at affordable prices, including the design of Shopify websites, all of which is provided by a highly skilled and experienced team.

Specializing in giving smaller to medium-sized businesses the corporate edge that many often lack, Boost local offers a range of unique and highly useful services. These include services that help businesses to establish their online presence, through techniques like SEO, Facebook marketing, and email marketing

This innovative company made its mark in the industry by employing unique strategies that yield fantastic results for their customers. Boost Local is committed to continually strengthening and evolving the relationships that they have with their clients, which is why they are always looking for new ways to branch out further into local communities. Boost Local promises their clients that they will work hand in hand with them, to help ensure that they succeed. To do this, Boost Local works to strengthen the core of each business it works with by managing their clients’ online marketing tasks effectively and efficiently.


What sets Boost Local apart from their competitors?


There are three things that set Boost Local apart from their competitors; these are the fact that positive results are guaranteed, the highly skilled team has years of experience behind them, and a diverse client base, meaning that they know how to effectively work with businesses of all shapes and sizes effectively. It’s these key factors that set the company aside from their competitors.

Boost Local promise their clients positive results, by helping them to build a strong online presence. They commit to getting a positive return on investment as soon as possible by utilizing a professional and hard working team and the use of advanced pieces of technology to ensure that clients receive the results that they want and need.

One of the main benefits that Boost Local is proud to offer their clients is years of combined experience, allowing them to use quality services that have been tested through time. The highly skilled Boost Local Team has years of marketing skills, experience, and knowledge, meaning that the services that they offer, both in their Las Vegas office and their new Westlake office, are second to none.

Armed with years of experience within the industry, Boost Local has a widely diverse client base that has given them the knowledge to support brands of all shapes and sizes, from tiny startups to larger corporations. Boost Local believe in focusing on the special needs of each company and treating each brand as an individual, which helps them to ensure that dynamic results are produced with each campaign and project.


What services to Boost Local provide?


Boost Local are committed to providing high-quality levels of service for each and every client that they take on, which is why they offer a wide range of different services. The two main services that Boost Local are pleased to be able to offer their clients are internet marketing and design services, as well as a selection of useful resources that give an insight into how the company works and what they can offer.

The internet marketing service that Boost Local offers focuses on helping companies to rank higher in search engines, improve the amount of traffic that they are getting, and boost the profits that they are making. The methods that are used for the purpose of improving a client’s search engine ranking include organic SEO, local SEO, video SEO, ecommerce SEO, and Adwords management.


Boost Local states:


“As an SEO company in Las Vegas, we can help you raise your ranking by targeting consumers in your target area and driving web traffic to your site. We will employ both on-page and off-page optimization methods and use only search engine approved white hat techniques. You will see measurable results such as ranking improvement and return of investments (ROI) in a matter of months. Our search optimization campaigns will accomplish what usually takes years.”


The design service that Boost Local offers focuses on providing the company’s clients with an amazing user experience by improving their company branding, website design, logo design, and email marketing. Each area of design is dealt with by a specialist team of highly skilled and experienced designers, ensuring that each project runs smoothly from start to finish. The fact that there is a specialist team assigned to each project that Boost Local takes on shows that the company really is dedicated to their clients and their needs.

The specialist team at Boost Local know that one of the most vital elements of effective online marketing is website design and development. That is why they are dedicated to ensuring that each and every website that they create is well-designed, professional, and properly SEO optimized, so that it can be used as a key online marketing tool by the client it has been created for.

Managing Partner Blake Cooley Says: “Online marketing begins and ends with effective uses of web design and web development. The main page of a website is the most important brand ambassador many organizations will ever employ.  Quality web design and web development are extremely important to the launch and upkeep of an organization’s website.”


The highly skilled team at Boost Local understand just how important branding is for any company. That is why the team work closely with each client to ensure that the design of their website, logo, and any other visual pieces adhere to the company’s values, style, and are appealing to their target market, as well as the clients that they already have. The Boost Local web design specialists work closely with the in-house web development team, to ensure that each and every website exceeds the client’s expectations and delivers on the quality promise that comes with each site.


How Boost Local Helps Their Clients:


Compared to their competitors, Boost Local are ahead of the curve when it comes to online marketing, because of the range of services that they offer their clients. As well as offering three main services: SEO, conversion optimization, and responsive website design, Boost Local also offers a range of other resources that have been created to help ensure that they always meet their clients and needs, exceeding their expectations.


Three of the resources that Boost Local offer their clients and have found to be incredibly popular with them are Google Analytics information, an SEO terminology guide, and a rank tracking tool. The fantastic thing about the rank tracking tool that Boost Local offers is that it provides clients with regular updates, reports that are tailored to each client’s’ specific requirements, and a short time frame for results. Boost Local understand that their clients want to be kept in the loop, which is why this feature is such a useful piece of kit.


When it comes to helping their clients, Boost Local always aim to go above and beyond, to ensure that from start to finish each project goes as smoothly as possible. Whether clients are working with the Las Vegas team or the Los Angeles team, Boost Local guarantees a service that goes above and beyond and is of the highest quality, because they value each and every client and project.


How do Boost Local earn their clients’ trust?


Unlike many other companies in the online marketing field, Boost Local does not believe in tying their customers into long contracts. They believe that they should earn their clients’ business each month, which is why they don’t tie them into contracts of a year, or even six months. Instead, they don’t use contracts that tie their customers in, instead believing that with good service their customers will return month after month.


Boost Local know that when it comes to website success, consistent results are all that matter, which is why they always strive to ensure that their clients receive the very best care and attention from the highly skilled team that’s on hand to help.

A common sales tactic that a lot of companies use is making grand promises and guarantees that cannot be backed up with results because they are too far fetched. For this reason, Boost Local always avoid making any promises or guarantees that they know they cannot meet or cannot guarantee to meet, to avoid customer disappointment. Customer satisfactions is of the utmost importance to the Boost Local team.

Because Boost Local understand that running a company is a big job and one that can often require help, the highly skilled team is always on hand to talk with their clients. So whatever the problem is, there is a trained professional on hand to help to resolve the issue, allowing the company to get back to work as soon as possible. Boost Local know that customer care is the key to a successful business, which is why they always put the needs of their customers first, ensuring that they always have all the help and support that they need.

An innovative company, Boost Local believe that the best way to earn their clients’ trust is to treat them well and ensure that they are on hand to deal with any problems, at any stage throughout a project.  


Helping your business to grow


Boost Local is passionate about helping businesses to grow, which is why they chose to launch a new office in the Los Angeles areas, to be able to help more businesses to reach their full potential. Part of what they offer is a location-based service that helps businesses to utilize their location and use it to help grow and strengthen their brand.

The team at Boost Local understands that for companies based in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, tourism will play a major role in many ventures. With many customers and potential customers viewing websites while on the go on smartphones and tablets, it’s crucial that Shopify websites are responsive, so that they look just as smart and stylish on the small screen as they do on a computer screen. Therefore, Boost Local understands that mobile optimization is vital for many of their clients, and so, offer this as a feature of their website design.

Boost Local understands that a website isn’t just a marketing tool, it can also be used as an effective sales generator, which is why they always ensure that every design is smart, stylish and professional, and is fully optimized for using to make purchases on. To boost sales and page views, Boost Local also ensures that each website is fully SEO optimized, so that each site ranks well in search engines, improving the company’s visitor numbers and sales.

For Shopify sites, Boost Local understand that incorporating the very best ecommerce software is vital, as the last thing a business wants is for their shop not to run properly or to crash when being used. Both Los Angeles and Las Vegas are locations that see a lot of tourists from all over the world, which is why Boost Local recommends that their clients have translator software added to their sites, to make them more accessible for visitors from other countries who don’t necessarily speak English.

The highly skilled team at Boost Local understands that no matter how incredible a website looks, if it isn’t easy to find in search engines, then it’s basically useless. 90% of people will click the link that appears at the top of the search engine, which is why Boost Local knows the importance of creating a website that is properly optimized and ranks highly in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo

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